Ice Cream Bar – Skinny Cow

This here is a super condensation laden ice cream bar I styled and shot for Skinny Cow.

Raindrop Cake

When Darren Wong, the genius behind bringing Raindrop Cake to life in the US and I first met about shooting Raindrop Cake, my immediate thought was how to approach an object that can be translucent, opaque and completely… Read More

Neville Wisdom

I had the pleasure of shooting a pretty epic spread of designer Neville Wisdom for Take Magazine recently.  More to come…



Absolut Facet


Skinny Cow


This is a portrait I shot of my son, Milo.  I used just one small rectangular soft box with a grid placed about 3 feet further from camera than the subject and aimed at about 40deg towards camera from parallel… Read More


Belgium Waffle